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This year, we brought you over 70 new blog posts, green papers, tips and tricks and customer spotlights. As we bid farewell to 2016, we thought we’d share the most popular content from this year based on clicks and views from our users.

Top Blog Posts

Building a Solid Sales Follow-Up Process: Follow up is the difference between success and failure in sales. We shared four ideas for improving your follow-up process.

Your Action Plan for Uncovering Hidden Sales Opportunities: SMP users have many strategies at their fingertips for uncovering hidden sales opportunities and with the support of the right combination of CRM and business intelligence, these strategies can be fairly easy to implement.

Supporting Sales Leaders with Data Visualization: To stay on top of their plan, your sales leaders need a real-time understanding of exactly how your products and services meet customer needs.

The ROI of Self-Serve Sales Data: SMP’s self-serve data visualization can save your sales reps several hours per week and at the same time, make them more effective in the rest of their work time.

Top Tips and Tricks

Close More Open Bids and Quotes: Companies that actively track and follow up on open bids/quotes close 25% more business than those that don’t.

Best Practices for Using Customer Lists: Customer Lists allow you to save a group of customers who are alike in some way

Using Grid Level Filtering and Grouping: Customize your data query AND view however you need it.

Top Client Spotlights

Wave Electronics: “We’re already up 23% year-to-date… I directly attribute this to SMP!”

Aquarius Supply: “We knew that SMP had the features and tracking mechanisms we needed.”

Top Green Papers

Turning Good Customers into Great Customers: What makes a customer great and how do we improve our relationships with our less-than-great customers to turn them into great customers?

What Every CEO Expects from Sales and Marketing: This SMP Green Paper was written for those sales and
marketing leaders who not only want to create new sales and drive revenue, but also
want to raise their game to executive-level standards.

Competing Against the Online Shopping Cart: Learn how to position your distribution company against online competitors by offering unique value and insight to your customers.

How Effective Are Your Reps?: Learn how effective sales reps spend their time and the bottom-line impact this can have on a distributor organization.

Unlock Sales Success with CRM/BI: User-driven data visualization is the key to unlocking the sales success your distribution company is striving for.

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