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ERP Integrations are Critical to CRM Success

ERP Integrations are Critical to CRM Success

Distribution CRM and ERPDistributors have a lot of choices when they start looking at business intelligence and sales management solutions. One of the key differentiators in CRM systems that significantly narrows down the field of choices is a tight integration to wholesale distribution ERP systems.

ERP integrations can mean a lot of different things to different distributors, but at its core it means access to a richer set of data than standalone CRM systems can provide. Here are the reasons you should carefully consider integrations to distribution software when selecting a business intelligence and CRM system.

Access to Real-Time Information

Running a distribution business is complicated. You and your employees face many decisions every day that require fast action. The older the data, the less valuable it is. The slower you are to respond to your customers’ needs, the less competitive you are in the markets you serve.

Unfortunately, many distributors still keep their most important data in separate systems. When it comes to distribution sales management, your reps may currently have to access your ERP system to find product information and purchasing history, consult their email for contact information, view their mobile phone for activity and task follow-ups and report to their managers using spreadsheets and word processors. SMP brings all of this information together conveniently through our tight integrations to your distribution ERP system.

Collaboration on Functionality

SMP is an approved companion product to the ERP providers we work with. That is important because we work closely with distributors not just on industry issues, but on key elements of functionality that are important to their specific ERP systems. We meet with developers, users and third-party providers to understand what Infor, Epicor, Mincron, Eclipse, Prophet 21 and other distribution software users need. Because of our tight collaboration and approved integrations, SMP is able to anticipate changes in the marketplace and changes in your technology so that you maintain your competitive advantages.

Wholesale Distribution Expertise

One of the statements we hear frequently from our users is how important our distribution sales expertise has been to their business. Our team is made up of distributors just like you. We aren’t offering a CRM solution that has to be shoe-horned into your business, we built it from the ground-up to include wholesale distribution best practices. Our experience in the industry and with ERP software publishers in distribution help us understand how you run your business and build technology that works the way you need it to work.

Extension of Access

SMP has real-time hooks into your distribution ERP system so that you and your reps have access to critical information where and when you need it. You can access your data in the field or on the road using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and Apple or Android devices. You can also extend beyond your systems with integrations to Microsoft Office and Outlook to provide even more speed and convenience to your team.

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