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Enabling Field Sales

Enabling Field Sales

How do you keep your sales people as effective outside of your branches as they are when they are at their desks?

Distributors are looking to provide their teams with mobile tools that allow for data sharing to keep everyone on the same page. Customers expect your reps to be prepared for anything while they are in face-to-face meetings and mobile access to CRM facilitates that.

Customer expectations are driving mobile sales tools because one of the most important aspects of your relationship with your customers is an in depth knowledge of their needs and purchasing histories. It can be hard to keep so many details straight across so many customers, but SMP provides a connection between your CRM and ERP information so that your reps can connect the dots. With SMP mobile, they can have access to the most important customer information in the field where they need it most. Your reps can access purchasing history, product information, activity history, contact information, open orders and quotes and more right from their mobile device. Preparing for customer meetings has never been easier.

The best way you can enable your fields sales team is to give them access to their most important data anywhere they go.

SMP provides the mobile tools salespeople need to be successful inside and outside the office, plus the data sharing capabilities the whole team needs to stay on the same page. With SMP, you get native mobile apps for iOS and Android that connect you to your CRM data when you need it most — while you’re in front of your customer.

What are some of the things reps using SMP are doing on their mobile devices? Really, what aren’t they doing? Here are two simple examples of how mobile devices help you enable your field sales reps.

Access a client’s full sales history. No matter how good your reps are, their memory is not as complete as your ERP data. SMP integrates to your ERP data like purchasing history, product information, activity history, contact information and more and puts it right on their mobile device. Preparing for customer meetings has never been easier.  

Take notes on a mobile device. Note taking has never been easier and reps can even use voice to text capabilities, access activities, contacts, projects and even get dashboards and BI right on their mobile device. Your customers will appreciate your reps being prepared and having all the information that they need. Your reps will love having the information they need at their fingertips, saving them the hours they used to spend prepping for every call.  

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