Coastal HVAC Value Proposition

Coastal HVAC Value Proposition

Our goal in this mutual execution plan is to uncover the most important paths to new value for your company. The purpose of this plan is to outline the fastest path to recognizing new revenue, efficiency and cost savings in your organization. Blah Blah blah…

About Coastal HVAC

  • $80MM in annual sales
  • 175 employees
  • 12 locations in Florida and Georgia
  • Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Specialists. RTU’s, Split Systems, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Controls, and Refrigeration
  • ERP: Epicor Eclipse
  • Primary value drivers: new revenue, expanding sales force, opening two new branches

Key Stakeholders

  • Mary Smith, CEO Coastal HVAC
  • John Williams, CFO Coastal HVAC
  • Todd Martins, VP Sales Coastal HVAC
  • Deb Stringer, VP Information Technology Coastal HVAC
  • Joe Raventos, President SMP
  • Chris Tucker, VP Sales SMP
  • Mary Ann Carroll, VP Support and Services SMP

Value Discovery Insights

New Revenue

expanding sales force\

opening two new branches


Summary: Goals for the initiave and priority and time frame after go live 3 months, 6, 12, yr 1, yr 2
Summary: desired go live date

Return on Investment

Change in Database Size

  • Average
  • Managed with SMP

Increase in closed bids

Some other ROI?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Add in the elements of the ROI discussion.

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