Competitive Advantages – Customer Testimonials etc. – JS Houston?

We can certainly tell you about how we treat our customers, how easy our implementation/on-boarding process is, or how SMP is making positive change within organizations who embrace our platform.  But, please don’t take it from us.  Here are a couple quotes from our customers about what it’s like to do business with SMP.

“SMP support cannot be matched with their quick responses to solving any questions or issues in a timely manner.  We are very happy to be with SMP and I would highly recommend their product and their company.”
Jeff Carroll, CEO, Johnstone Supply/McCall Group

“SMP was willing to work with us based or staff needs, and the incremental rollout was important to us instead of pushing everything ‘day one.”
Scott Sokoloy, Business Systems Administrator, Trade Supply Group

“Before SMP, I was literally spending all weekend preparing for a sales meeting.  Pulling sales history from the business system, building pivot tables.  With SMP, it’s been cut down to just one hour!”
Bryan Stewart, Vice President of Sales, Wave Electronics

“Bottom line is we, GPS, finally own our customer contact information so it no longer leaves with the salesman. And they are okay collecting this data for us because the company has provided them with the tools and information they need to make their job of increasing sales easier.”
Layne Miller, CEO, Geary Pacific Supply

We also invite you to reach out to the following contacts, who use SMP regularly and would be happy to answer your specific questions about their experience with our platform and our team.

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