Customer Testimonials – What Customers are Saying copy/edit, JS Houston?

What our Customers are saying…

“My favorite part of SMP is the hands-on care I get from their people; I feel valued as a customer.  I aspire to provide customer service as good as that which SMP provides.”

“SMP puts everyone on the same page, it simplifies our Sales Managers lives and we’re able to track and measure goals.”

“The thing we like the most about SMP is it was written with sales people in mind, so easy to use, and it’s just not complicated.  It’s been kept simple and that’s why it works so well.”

“SMP has been one of the best implementations we have had as a company.  We were astounded at the speed of the process and turnaround on action items by the SMP Team. ”

 “Planning is better and easier now because SMP provides a built-in level of accountability – from goals to task management and customer follow-up.”

“Marketing was non-existent before Sales Management Plus; now, we have the tools to do it easily.  We’ve started a monthly newsletter, and updated mailing lists are always ready when we need them.”

 “One of the advantages SMP has given our company is providing useful information for the sales team.   We were looking for a single, easy to use package that the sales team would thrive on – something that would give them information they couldn’t get themselves, that allowed focus and results. SMP provides that value; they don’t just enter information, but get information in return.”

“Sales Management Plus is easy to use and everyone loves it.  It helps me report accurately and quickly to our manufacturers, judge profitability, and set sales forecasts.”

“We have many manufacturers and they’re all rolling out plenty of new product lines.  We can’t possibly send them all to all of our customers.  But I can use SMP to determine who has bought a similar manufacturer’s product from us in the past so we can target the people who will most likely be most interested in this new offering.”

“SMP allows us to see not only what we ARE selling to a customer, but also what we are NOT selling a customer; this allows us to more effectively plan and fill the holes.”

“From a marketing perspective, once you develop customer lists in SMP, we can quickly convert them to marketing lists for mailings or special e-mailers.”

“SMP allows us to know our customer base better than the competition.”

“SMP makes filling the holes easier by showing us what we’re NOT selling to our customers.”

“With SMP, we can easily see where we are (in sales volume) with a particular customer, vendor or product category.  And when we’re down, we can make a change to try to improve that before it’s the end of the year and we realize we’re down by X% and can’t do anything about it.”

“SMP is an IT Managers’ dream…”