SMP References and Testimonials

AD HQ Reference:

“As an authorized AD Member Service Provider, SMP has been working successfully with many of our members and supporting the vision and values of our group for over 20 years.

SMP’s company culture is excellent and the team is filled with great people. I’m happy to highly recommend SMP to our AD members – you’ll be in good hands.

What I like about SMP is that it is designed specifically for wholesale distributors and features built-in workflows that help AD members plan, track and report FMS and JMA activities.

Additionally, AD members receive a 10% discount on their first year and are eligible for enterprise licensing.

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.”

David Hons
O 610-977-3144
C 804-874-6479

IMARK Reference:

Ken Nagel

Steve Ruane

Virtualrain Reference:

Derek Wright
(925) 202-6600

Cassie Krey
Director of Sales & Marketing
(801) 732-5507

Blue Hawk Reference:

Lance Rantala
(773) 525-7200

Collen Leppert
SVP of Operations
(480) 499-4422

Epicor Reference:

Jeff Sarnelli

Mary King

Ryan Hilton