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Who is SMP?

  • Wholesale Distribution only
    • Born in distribution, built for distributors
    • We understand your business
    • 20 year history of helping people just like you grow their top line
  • Integrated Sales Management solution
    • CRM + BI extends beyond traditional Contact, Account, and Pipeline management
    • Analytics integrated to empower sales team
      • Frees up time from reporting and research
      • More efficient, smarter targeted sales efforts
      • Actionable BI to increase top line revenue and share of wallet
    • Tools for the whole team
      • Manage and report with the touch of a button
        • Sales Activities
        • Opportunities and Projects
        • Sales Goals – setting and tracking
      • Empower Sales Managers
        • Instant visibility
        • Smarter, more focused coaching sessions
      • Anytime, Anywhere Access
        • Mobile access via
          • Tablet, Smart phone
          • Android, iOS
        • Voice-to-Text
          • Instant recording of important call information
          • No more excuses
        • All in ONE database – Integrated with your Business System
        • Cloud Based (before Cloud was cool)
          • Low IT demand
            • CRM belongs to the Sales team, not IT
          • Quick, easy implementation
          • Constantly updated with latest features and enhancements
          • No CapEx
          • Outlook integration if applicable – Sync contacts, customers, activities
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