About SMP Copy

This is the “Lesson,” page. I think this would typically be used for a page the outlines what the lesson module would cover along with supplying other links in the “Materials,” tab. You can also embed a video as we’ve done with the CRM in Distribution video above.

You can add as much copy here underneath the embedded video for the lesson and it works like a blog post with links, headers, media, etc., in addition to the video embed or the materials. On the “Materials,” tab above you can add download links or other text and media. But adding notes here is the most accessible and obvious I think.

The “topics,” work the same way but are the individual video overviews you want to add. So for example, you might have an outline like:

Value Goal: Growing Your Database of Customers (Lesson level)

  • Topic: Managing lists
  • Topic: Importing
  • Topic: Importance of a centralized database