Cregger Company Value Proposition and ROI Summary

ROI Summary

SMP is uniquely positioned to help your team succeed with Value Propositions detailed in this summary.

SMP is also uniquely positioned as the only CRM solution that is an Epicor ISV partner, and also the only CRM Service Provider for IMARK.

TOTAL ROI: $65,700 additional GP per month

  • Value Proposition A: The advantage of a centralized customer management database
    • ROI = additional GP of $20,700/month
  • Value Proposition B: Targeted Marketing
    • ROI = additional GP of $25,000/month
  • Value Proposition C: Open Bid & Quote Follow Up
    • ROI = additional GP of $10,000/month
  • Value Proposition D: Intellectual Property & Customer Intimacy
    • ROI = additional GP of $120,000 per occurrence
  • Value Proposition E: Dashboards & Reporting
    • ROI = additional GP of $1,600/month
  • Value Proposition F: Sales Management & Coaching
    • ROI = additional GP of $10,000/month

SMP Investment Summary

Up front license and implementation fees: $26,250 discounted to $15,000
Up front Epicor SMP interface license fee: $15,125 (estimated – contact your Epicor rep for a quote)
Monthly subscription* for unlimited users: $1,175/month discounted to $950/month
*Monthly subscription includes SMP Core incl. Qlik Dashboards, SMP Mobile, Outlook interface, Open Bids/Quotes from Eclipse, and MarketPro2
Annual Epicor maintenance fee: $3,070 (estimated – contact your Epicor rep for a quote)
Annual Qlik license fee: $1,500

Total first year investment: $60,045 discounted to $46,095
Annual investment thereafter: $18,670 discounted to $15,970

Great Option: 24 prepay option*: $37,000 covers all SMP costs for the initial 24 month contract term
Monthly subscription upon renewal: $950/month
*Prepay option does not include Epicor license or maintenance fees.

SMP Value Proposition Summary
SMP uniquely presents Cregger Company with opportunities to achieve their goals to create and maintain a centralized customer management database, create more effective and focused targeted marketing, improve open bid/quote close rates, capture ownership of intimate customer information, and more easily create and distribute dashboards and data reports.

The potential Gross Profit gain of implementing SMP is $65,700 per month (not counting GP retention if a rep leaves), while the investment in SMP is $3,842 per month in Year One, and $1,332 per mo. thereafter.

Conservative ROI is over 17X in Year One and over 49X thereafter.

Perhaps the most important factor is the lost opportunity of $65,700 GP per month by delaying implementation of SMP.

Take advantage of the benefits and ROI of SMP’s CRM with built-in actionable analytics and the 24 prepay option for even greater ROI.