Centralized Database: $20,700 Additional GP per month

How does a centralized database generate real ROI? While there are many valuable results from having all your customer, contact, activities, notes and sales history in one easily accessed database, there are at least two ways that it will generate real revenue for your company.

One of the biggest benefits SMP users report is how much easier it is for account reps to prepare for customer calls. By having access to all the important information in one place, reps can reduce the amount of time spent preparing for customer calls by an hour or two per week. What if your reps then made just one more call each week?

An extra sales call per week could result in an additional $12,000 to $16,000 sales revenue per rep per month.

Think about it this way: if your rep is working a $3MM – $4MM territory, averaging 4 calls per day, then the territory averages $3,000 – $4,000 in sales per call. Making just one extra sales call per week can generate $12,000 – $16,000 in increased sales per month. At 20% gross margin, that’s an additional $2,400 – $3,200 new gross profit per week, per rep – all from making just one more call each week.

Territory Size

$3,000,000 per year

Gross Margin


Days Worked/Year


Avg. Calls per Day


Number of Reps


Total GP Gained

$19,200 per month

The second direct revenue driver derived from a centralized CRM database is an increase in the number of proposals generated. The ability to generate new proposals is directly related to the health of your database. It stands to reason that if you have more contacts and their data is accurate, your reps will generate more sales activities and more proposals.

Research from the Aberdeen Group shows that companies with integrated CRM produce 4 more proposals per month per rep than average.

The total number of incremental proposals for 8 reps would be 32 per month. At a close rate of 20% your team will close 6 additional proposals per month. Assuming $250 gross profit per order, the incremental gain is $1,500 additional GP per month.

Current Close Rate


Gross Margin


Average GP / Order


Incremental Proposals


Incremental Closed Orders


Incremental GP


  • SMP’s integrated CRM and BI empowers actionable analytics leveraged in one central Sales and Marketing database
  • All customers, contacts, buying history, and notes in one easy to access place
  • SMP’s Mobile allows field reps remote access to easily update all important information about customers, contacts, activities, opportunities and notes.
  • SMP’s Eclipse Real-Time integration enables your team to see real-time A/R, open invoices, open orders and open bids for a given customer, as well as the ability to create remote bids through SMP desktop and Mobile.
  • Enables you to nurture your customer base and provide targeted messaging based on specific buying behaviors and segmentation
  • Easily identify opportunities, execute strategies tailored to opportunities, and monitor results for continuous improvement
  • Estimated Sales rep time savings in customer call preparation 2 hours per week (8 hours per month per rep)

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Coastal Supply ROI

Gross Profit gained from making one more call per week = $19,200 per month

Gross Profit gained from generating more proposals = $1,500 per month

Total incremental Gross Profit per month = $20,700