Targeted Marketing: $25,000 Additional GP per Month

Staying top-of-mind with customers drives profits.

Most distribution companies have no defined processes for engaging and re-engaging customers before and after a sale. And typically, most of the leads generated through marketing efforts, your e-commerce store and your inbound content strategy wind up lost, discarded or ignored.

SMP gives you the visibility and the tools to make sure you stay top of mind with your customers with email marketing, targeted newsletters and data-driven marketing advantages.

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Coastal Supply ROI

Companies who integrate their marketing with their data for true thought-to-execution marketing see dramatic improvement in both gross margin per customer and revenue growth. It’s easy to understand how this works. Better targeting through integrated data means targeted sales offers, increased lines per order, increased share of wallet and better timing of sales opportunities.

We believe that instituting integrated marketing analytics at Coastal Supply with top of mind turnkey marketing will improve your profit margins by 3% resulting in an additional $25,000 of GP per month.

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