Executive Overview

Coastal Supply is highly efficient and uniquely positioned for success in a very competitive market. Coastal Supply is looking to leverage CRM with actionable analytics to drive toward their goals. Key initiatives are implementing a centralized customer management database to leverage contact and customer segmentation, executing highly targeted marketing based on segmentation and data driven opportunities, closing more bids and quotes, capturing ownership of intellectual property relating to customer relationships, and improving data collaboration through SMP’s dashboards and analytics platform. 

In this Value Proposition we have uncovered the following areas of new value:

  • The Advantage of a Centralized Database
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Open Bid & Quote Follow Up
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Sales Management & Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Contact Management
  • AD FMS Process Optimization

Each of these areas will be discussed in greater detail in the remaining steps.

Key Stakeholders

Superior Products Distributors

  • Dennis Crispino, President
  • Mark Crispino, Vice President
  • Scott Close, CFO
  • Grant Crispino, CMU Product Manager
  • Connor Wright, Sales Manager

SMP – Sales Management Plus

  • Joe Raventos, President
  • Mary Ann Carroll, Director of Client Services
  • Chris Tucker, Senior Account Manager