Dashboards & Reporting: $1,600 per Month

SMP gives you the visibility you need for the performance of your entire business. Naturally, this includes sales and marketing performance tracking and reporting around activities, forecasts, market trends, campaign effectiveness and more. But SMP goes a step further because of our self-serve visualizations and tight integrations to your ERP system. With SMP, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights in all areas of your business for better analysis and faster decision making.

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Coastal Supply ROI

  • SMP’s award winning Qlik dashboards and analytics tools are always available for self-serve user access, greatly reducing the time investment required to generate and distribute dashboards and reports
  • All users are able to always access SMP’s self-serve dashboards, scorecards, data analytics greatly reducing the burden of time required by management team to report
  • Estimated time savings from more efficient reporting and self-serve data is 2 hours per week per person (8 hours per month)

We estimate that Coastal Supply will save $1,600 per month in time savings with self-service dashboards and reporting.

Reporting Managers


Hours Spent Reporting / Mgr


Burdened Rate


Total Hours Saved

32 / month

Monthly Cost Savings