Coastal HVAC Value Proposition and ROI Summary

ROI Summary

SMP is uniquely positioned to help your team succeed with Value Propositions A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.

SMP is also uniquely positioned as the only CRM solution that is an Epicor ISV partner.

Total ROI

  • Value Proposition A: The advantage of a centralized customer management database
    • ROI = additional GP of $20,700/month
  • Value Proposition B: Targeted Marketing
    • ROI = additional GP of $25,000/month
  • Value Proposition C: Open Bid & Quote Follow Up
    • ROI = additional GP of $10,000/month
  • Value Proposition D: Intellectual Property & Customer Intimacy
    • ROI = additional GP of $25,000 per occurrence
  • Value Proposition E: Dashboards & Reporting
    • ROI = additional GP of $1,600/month
  • Value Proposition F: Sales Management & Coaching
    • ROI = additional GP of $10,000/month
  • Value Proposition G: Contact Management
    • ROI = additional GP of $?/month
  • Value Proposition H: Goal Setting & Achievement
    • ROI = additional GP of $?/month

SMP Investment Summary

Up front license and implementation fees: $28,000 discounted to $20,250
Up front Epicor SMP interface license fee: $5,000 (estimated – contact your Epicor rep for a quote)
Monthly subscription* for unlimited users: $2,850/month discounted to $2,100/month
*Monthly subscription includes SMP Core incl. Qlik Dashboards, SMP Mobile, Outlook interface, Open Bids/Quotes from Eclipse, and Eclipse Real-Time interface
Annual Epicor maintenance fee: $1,000 (estimated – contact your Epicor rep for a quote)
Annual Qlik license fee: $1,500

Total first year investment: $74,700 discounted to $52,950
Annual investment thereafter: $36,700 discounted to $27,700

Great Option: 24 month lease option* with no up front fee and NO INTEREST: $3,068/month
Monthly subscription thereafter: $2,100/month
*Lease option does not include Epicor license or maintenance fees

SMP Value Proposition Summary
SMP uniquely presents Superior Products Distributors with opportunities to achieve their goals to create and maintain a centralized customer management database, create more effective and focused targeted marketing, improve open bid/quote close rates, capture ownership of intimate customer information, and more easily create and distribute dashboards and data reports.

The potential monthly Gross Profit gain of implementing SMP is $65,700 (not counting GP retention if a rep leaves), while the investment in SMP is $4,412 per month in Year One, and $2,308 per month thereafter. Conservative ROI is over 14.8X in Year One and over 28.4X thereafter.

Perhaps the most important factor is the lost opportunity of $65,700 GP per month by delaying implementation of SMP.

Take advantage of the benefits and ROI of SMP’s CRM with built-in actionable analytics and the 24 month lease option at no interest.