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Close More Sales With Improved Follow Up and Sales Execution

Now that you have more customers in your database, and you’ve been keeping in front of them with consistent, targeted sales and marketing activities, it’s time to close more sales.

SMP is like a sales coach in a box, making it easy to lead your team. We know because we’ve seen it with so many of our clients.

Data-Driven Sales

Data-driven sales make it easy to pinpoint the exact right action to take at exactly the right time.

Stop making guesses about the right sales plans and tactics. You should have tool that give you the visibility you need so you know what’s going on with the sales health of your organization. SMP turns your raw ERP and sales data into trusted, actionable information that’s easy to find, current, and immediately available to your entire team.

This makes it easy for your sales managers to conduct performance tracking and reporting around activities, forecasts, market trends, campaign effectiveness and more so that you can constantly improve.

Execute, Monitor and Coach for Success

SMP can help you identify things that are working (and aren’t) so you can adjust where needed.

Dashboards turn data into your superpower – decision-making is faster and more accurate with information at your fingertips, and takes the guesswork our of it. 

Most importantly, this isn’t about micromanaging your sales reps. It’s about showing them how data can make all of us smarter, better more effective salespeople.  Effective leadership, coaching based on data, and idea sharing makes everyone better at their role. 

Better Sales Meetings

One problem we’ve seen repeatedly with many distribution sales teams is that their sales meetings are about everything but sales. You need to leave the HR announcements, product information, employee updates where they belong inside of emails and spend your valuable time during sales meetings discussing important deals and coaching success. Helping companies implement more effective sales meetings is a central tenet we stress often with our current customers, and we give them the tools to make this a reality.

Effective sales coaching can improve win rates by as much as 29%. [Vantage Point Performance]. Companies that provide real-time, deal-specific sales coaching increased revenue by 8.4% year-over-year – a 95% improvement over companies that don’t provide that level of coaching. [Aberdeen Research]

With easy-to-use and interactive dashboards, your reps will know exactly where they stand even before they get to the sales meeting.

Your sales managers will have all the data the need at their fingertips to better manage your reps effectively and coach them to success.

This will will improve the effectiveness of your sales management, coaching, sales meetings, and business and vendor reviews.  It gives your managers the time and space to really do their job, spend more time helping close sales and less time running reports and asking hollow questions.

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