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A Distribution CRM and BI Partner, Not Just a Vendor

A Distribution CRM and BI Partner, Not Just a Vendor

When we formed SMP, we set out to build a company and culture that could provide much more to wholesale distributors than a typical CRM or BI software provider. We wanted to be true partners in your distribution sales and marketing efforts, not just another vendor.

That approach has proven to be a success for both SMP and our customers. As an example, we’ve ¬†seen almost half of our customers replace their ERP systems over the years. As you can imagine, that is no small undertaking with new investments, equipment, disruption, training cycles and more. It causes a ripple effect through the entire organization. Yet there is one constant factor that helped smooth out their transition: SMP was their front end that helped them access their ERP information in both the old ERP and the new. That kind of commitment and loyalty is what has provided us with our longevity and track record in distribution software.

So what does it mean to be a real partner, and not just another CRM or BI vendor? We’ve worked hard over the years to collaborate with wholesale distributors in the following ways.

Minimizing Risk

Early on when we were designing our software, we decided on a cloud-based subscription model long before it was popular. We did this mainly because distributors already have a lot on their plates from an IT perspective. We wanted our solution to be easy to implement and minimize their upfront investment. Because an investment in SMP is simply small amounts each month instead of a large upfront investment, we share more of your risk and benefit more from your successes. We have to earn our keep each month, joining us to you as a true partner, not just a vendor.

Commitment to Wholesale Distribution Best Practices

We built our entire company around wholesale distribution. Because that is our only focus, we can apply industry best practices across our entire customer base, making our customers some of the best run distribution sales and distribution marketing companies on the planet. Our customers don’t just turn to us for technology advice, but for advice about sales and marketing, bringing in new vendors, launching new product lines and more. We love to consult with our customers about their sales and marketing practices and our success is tied to theirs.

Reputation for New Technology

Our reputation in wholesale distribution goes beyond solid technology and product architecture. We’re constantly seeking new ways to bring our customers competitive advantages, like extending our functionality and access to critical data to smart phones, mobile devices, Outlook and more.

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