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Distributors Who Do This One Strategy Increase Revenue per Campaign by 8X

Distributors Who Do This One Strategy Increase Revenue per Campaign by 8X

Your customers’ expectations are high when it comes to specialized products, services, and offers. One size does not fit all. It’s the main way that distributors differentiate themselves in the marketplace – through unique value-added services and attention to customer needs and requirements.

So why are so many distributors still using a one-size fits all marketing approach?

We recently surveyed hundreds of distributors and found that two-thirds of distributors ignore targeted marketing in favor of relying on mass marketing tactics or in some cases, no marketing at all. The problem is that mass marketing just doesn’t work in today’s world.

Years ago, you could count on yellow page listings, newspaper ads or even billboards to drive traffic. Today, you might think you’re taking a more modern approach with a website, e-catalog and Yelp listing. Unfortunately, your customers have too many choices available to them for these mass market approaches to marketing. They are out researching your competition as you’re reading this, looking for specialized offers.

At best, mass marketing is inoffensive but fails to cut through the clutter. At worst, your customers will think your ads and emails are lazy and a waste of their time. By trying to force a message on everyone all at once, you risk alienating the very customers you are trying to reach.

An Enormous Growth Opportunity

The data shows that distributors who leverage targeted marketing increase their revenue per campaign by 8X. We believe the application of targeted marketing programs in the distribution industry may represent one of the largest areas for competitive advantage for modern distributors and here’s why.

100% of the distributors in our survey who do execute targeted marketing campaigns reported important benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue growth
  • Elevated sales rep execution
  • Increased close rates
  • Improved marketing ROI
  • Higher market share/customer spend
  • Maximized customer retention

But among the two-thirds of distributors who do not currently execute targeted marketing campaigns, the majority cited two main reasons for struggling:

  • Lack of bandwidth, time, and effort
  • Lack of targeted marketing skills in their company

That means that distributors who leverage targeted marketing have a direct leg up on their competitors for better reach, higher revenue growth, better close rates, higher share of wallet and more.

And we’ve made it easy to get started.

No Expertise Needed: Targeted Marketing as a Service

There is a better way to approach targeted marketing without increasing your effort or hiring skilled internal teams. SMP has designed a program specifically for distributors who want to reap the benefits of targeted marketing without any stress.

We call this Targeted Marketing as a Service (TMaaS). With TMaaS. You don’t need to hire marketing experts, you don’t need to learn cutting-edge marketing technology, you don’t even need to write copy or send emails. Everything is handled for you in a pre-planned, scalable, steady, and turnkey process.

TMaaS supercharges your marketing for a small fraction of what a single marketing employee would cost. You get the proven results of tested targeted marketing approaches in one affordable and predictable package. We bring you a team of expert copy writers, designers, marketing technologists, strategists, and data analysts so you can deploy customized targeted marketing without any headaches or new hires.

If you’d like to learn more about how TMaaS can help you, please schedule a quick 15-minute conversation to get started.

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