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The Remarkable Impact of One More Sales Call Per Week

The Remarkable Impact of One More Sales Call Per Week

What if you could challenge your sales reps to make just one more call per week? An extra sales call per week could result in an additional $8,000 to $16,000 per rep per month.

One of the biggest benefits SMP users report is the ability to track and manage activities throughout the entire sales cycle to analyze what is working, what isn’t working and compare best practices across sales reps and branches.  By scheduling regular process reviews into your sales reporting and meetings, you can increase accountability and consistently improve the performance of your entire sales team.

You don’t have to reinvent your sales processes to see huge benefits. One of the easiest things you can do is challenge your sales reps to make one more call per week. If your rep is working a $2MM – $4MM territory, averaging 4 calls per day, making just one extra sales call per week which can generate $8,000 – $16,000 in increased sales per month. SMP makes it easy for you to define a prioritized call list and track your progress.

Here are some other simple ways to give your sales reps time back to make one more call per week.

  • Challenge your sales reps to make one more call per week.
  • Use SMP’s analytics to target your best opportunities and build your list for the one-plus calls per week. Use SMP to track progress on the one extra call per week.
  • Add automation around bid and quote follow up. SMP’s Bid and Quote Closer automatically creates a dynamic, track-able opportunity when a bid or quote is created above a threshold you define. This saves your rep time in creating and managing important opportunities as well as making it easier to follow up on those bids and quotes.
  • Using SMP’s reporting and business intelligence to prepare for meetings and provide updates could save several hours per month compared to providing the information by other traditional means like spreadsheets.
  • Leverage SMP customer data and spend more time executing on sales initiatives.
  • Generate more face-to-face meetings with targeted email marketing.
  • Use SMP Mobile’s voice recognition to dictate your meeting notes directly into your SMP activities.

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