Best Practices Webinar: Unseating Your Competition, July 15, 2015


Here’s a secret we don’t like to talk about very much in distribution: our best clients don’t like to change distributors.

With estimates of controllable attrition rates in the low single digits, moving business to a new distributor happens fairly rarely.

Our best customers like the convenience of a single source, are willing to forgive our missteps and have reasonable expectations. Those customers are loyal and have a lower cost to serve. They are more profitable than volatile customers. Unfortunately, those same qualities make them the hardest customers to pry away from our competitors. But even the best-run competitors have the occasional misship, out-of-stock or retiring sales rep.

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Learn How Distributors Unseat the Competition

This informative webcast will show you how a distribution-specific CRM system can help you manage information about your competition so that you can quickly and easily identify the customers your competitors serve so that you can begin chipping away at their market share.

Give us 30 minutes and you’ll learn secrets like:

  • Advanced customer profiling techniques that will help you identify your competitors’ most at-risk customers
  • Secrets of competitive research to uncover their hidden weaknesses
  • Learning to take advantage of trigger events that can signal new opportunities to unseat a competitor
  • Tips for execution and measurement to ensure the success of your competitive replacement campaigns

Join us on July 15, 2015 at 2PM EDT and 11 AM PDT to hear distribution technologist Joe Raventos, President of Sales and Marketing Plus and hypergrowth strategist Matthew Turner, founder of the Boston Turner Group give practical advice for unseating your competition.

Your competition is attending – will you?

Space is limited so please sign up today.

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